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Black Core Bundle Deal

Black Core Bundle Deal

SKU: CSW-05-BCD-LW-001

We are excited to offer you a 5-pack Black Core bundle deal on our OA 5" Core Shot Worms. Based on our records of the bass caught over the years, we've selected the 5 colors that have consistently proven to be the most successful - Motor Oil Black, Black N Blue, Cherry Red, Green Pumpkin Black, and Holographic Black.


Our custom-made OA 5" Core Shot Worms are a real game changer. They feature core shot technology that ensures the best action of any stick bait on the market, and our Salted Scent infusion adds an extra enticing element for fish to bite and hold on longer. These worms come in translucent colors that perfectly mimic natural bass forge and increase your chances of catching more bass. With their durability and heavy scent, you're bound to get more bites and increase your hook-up rate.


- Core shot technology for the best action
- Infused with salted scent 
- Translucent colors to mimic natural bass forage

- Catch more fish with each worm due to its durability
- Translucent colors mimic natural bass forage, increasing the chances of a bite
- Heavily salted scent for more bites and increased hook-up rate

- Best price around


Size: 5"


Pack: 8 Count


Best Rigs: Texas Rig, Wacky Rig, Neko Rig, 


5-pack Bundle Deal - 8 worms per pack - Total of 40 Core Shot Worms

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