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3.8" OA Rip Rap Shad - Clearance

3.8" OA Rip Rap Shad - Clearance

$4.99 Regular Price
$2.50Sale Price

Looking for the perfect bait to catch the big one? Look no further than Orcutt's Advantage 3.8" Rip Rap Shad! This swimbait is made from super durable material, ensuring it lasts through multiple fishing trips. The coffee scent of this shad bait is irresistible to fish, and the paddle tail action is sure to draw strikes. Use it as a trailer on your other lures to make them even more effective. With the Paddle Tail Shad, you'll be reeling in trophies in no time! Add it to your tackle box for more successful fishing trips.


- Made from super durable material
- Coffee scent irresistible to fish
- Paddle tail action for increased strikes
- Can be used as a trailer on other lures

- Increases chances of catching big fish
- Durable material ensures long-lasting use
- Coffee scent and paddle tail action make it irresistible to fish
- Versatile use as a trailer on other lures


Size: 3.8"


Pack: 8 Count


Best Rigs: Bladed Jig Trailer, Behind a Jighead, Spinnerbait Trailer, Dropshot, Weighted or Unweighted Hook