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Custom Bass Baits

Clearance 50% Off

This section is the clearance section for 50% off custom bass baits. 

Gp Red_edited_edited.jpg

Bass Jigs

Custom Handmade bass jigs that will mimic crawfish and other bait all over the country.


Our highly active tail action swimbaits draw strikes form the laziest bass around and get the schools fired up so you can get your limit fast. 

Sparkle Red.jpg

Core Shot Baits

Our core shot baits give you the advantage on the water and catch fish when nothing else will. The translucent shells give the bass the look of real prey in the water and you will be catching you more fish than ever! Start catching more now!

Watermelon red core bait_edited.jpg

Creature Baits

Our creature baits are made with the most flexible plastic around and give the baits more action than any other creature baits on the market. 



All our core shot worm, dragon tail worms, shaky head worms and more. 

Sample Core Worms.jpg
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