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Happy 2023! 

Start 2023 off by catching more bass with our custom core shot worms. Try a 20 pack for just $9.99 Plus free shipping. the free shipping is only on the 20 pack. All orders ship out next business day guaranteed!

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About Us

     Hello, I'm Ronnie Orcutt, the owner of Orcutt's Advantage. I'm a diehard Bass fisherman. It all started when I was young when my dad would take me fishing every Saturday in our old alumina canon. From there I got more into fishing and started fishing every bass tournament in my area of Ohio!

     As I became captivated with the detail of baits, I started making small adjustments to big box store baits. Then that turned into designing and making my own baits to get an advantage in tournaments.


   As I started having a lot of success with my custom baits, I launched Orcutt's Advantage in early 2021. With one goal in mind, to make baits that truly catch fish and give you the advantage on the water.


 All of our baits are made by fishermen and tested before selling anything. We never ship out baits that we haven't caught fish on ourselves, so help me grow our company and get more people catching fish and enjoying the outdoors.


Tightlines, I have fish to catch. see you on the water

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