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About Us

Hello fishing friends! I am Ronnie Orcutt and I live to fish. I'm an avid kayak fishermen that grew up bass fishing ever since I was young. About 5 years ago, I moved to Florida when I started inshore fishing and found my love to catch Snook. My passion for fishing drove me to start creating my own baits. The excitement of catching a monster bass on a lure that I made takes the passion to a whole new level.

            After a year of preparing and testing countless number of baits, I finally launched in early 2021. Going forward, I anticipate that with my baits you will be able to effortless catch fish. Orcutt's Advantage was established with this goal in mind, to develop baits that honestly catch fish. Our high quality custom baits are made by fishermen that live to fish and only ship out baits that we have caught fish on ourselves.